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Trade Enquiries

We welcome trade enquiries, as a UK based manufacturer we are able to make and print products in any quantity these can be bulked packed or displayed packed for retail sales. See below for specific items or go to our trade site Thanet Plastics or email us an enquiry to

Cruise Luggage tags

Has shown on this site can be made in bulk with your name printed on them. Ideal for the travel trade and an excellent way to advertise yourself to other cruise passengers while your clients are away on there cruise and bear in mind these people will be able to use the tags over and over again which will keep your name going in front of many other potential customers for a long period of time contact us for details.

NHS A5 Diary Covers

These can be printed with your design and made in any colour (so long as it is in the material range) you wish. We can also change the design or give you a different pocket arrangement to suit your needs. We have made many a bulk order for the NHS along with distribution to many different addresses this can all be offered as part of the service.